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Pigeon’s and other birds are becoming an emerging pest problem experienced by Newcastle residents. With most of us looking at using green energy, it has been a windfall for pigeons.

Bird Control – Proofing Solar Panels

Did you know that the height of solar panels (installed on your roof) is ideal for pigeons to nest under?

Yes, that is correct, pigeons have worked out that solar panels are a great place for them to raise a family. It helps them shelter from the elements and predators. It has led to an explosion in pigeon numbers. While they pose no great threat to human life directly, they do carry some very nasty diseases.

Their constant cooing is also very annoying and often starts before dawn.

Jim’s Pest Control are the experts at bird proofing solar panels, thus stopping these birds from nesting under them.

In some cases, we may even need to remove the pigeon population by the of culling. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out this work, and all shoots are checked in with the local police beforehand.

Bird control Newcastle - solar panel proofing