Have you ever dreamed of starting you own small business in Newcastle? Jim’s has been helping people just like you, since 1989.

If you are already pest control qualified, the process can be quite quick. However, if you don’t have a pest control license, we will help you to attain the necessary qualifications. You will receive expert training from a senior, extremely experience technician.

It will be in a one-on-one situation, which will allow you to learn at your own pace.

Who do we encourage to start their own business?

Jim’s will help locals in Newcastle to start their own pest control business. We believe that the best people to service communities are locals.

We look for people who are high achievers and who like to give back to their community. They are the ones that you will see behind a local BBQ, helping out juniors posrts event in the area, and generall lending a helping hand within the community.

Jim’s Pest Control believes that these people make the best technicians as they are already passionate about helping people. If you combine this with the superior knowledge, you have a winning combination.

That is the reason why our established local business owners are well regarded in the community.


Local technicians have the best knowledge base

The great advantage of using a local is the knowledge of the area that they possess. Many may not realise they have this knowledge; it just takes a little bit of coaching to uncover it.

Locals know how pests are affected by the weather conditions that we have here in Newcastle. When they are in training, we highlight how this affects pest behaviour.

Often, when a tech is in training they will say, “Oh, that’s why I see those bugs en masse at that time of year!”

Once they understand how weather conditions affect pests, we add to this by showing them how to effectively treat them.

Training in most up to date techniques and products

Jim’s has developed over the years a superior training program. It has even been commented on by the major training organisations as being the absolute best. In fact, they wish all companies followed our lead.

Other companies train with live customers, which can be a high-pressure situation. Often there is not enough time to explain the process to the trainee. Thus, it becomes a rushed situation that does not allow the trainee to absorb what they are doing. Even worse, it may result in a sub-standard treatment for the client.

When we train new pest control techs, we take them to only one site per day. At this site, they will be the ones performing the set tasks. They can do it at their own pace and ask as many questions as they like of their senior tech.

They get to use the latest products that are proven performers. Further, revisiting the sites is a must so they can see firsthand that the products have had the desired effects.

Our local techs are regarded as being some of the best at controlling pests for this reason.