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There is nothing more horrific than finding pests in your home or business. Your immediate thought is to get rid of them quickly. Using a professional is the best course of action, but the thought of how much it may cost often holds people back.

Most people think it would be quicker and cheaper to do it themselves. But, they soon discover using store-brought pest control products can be a slow and costly exercise.

When they eventually become frustrated at DIY pest control, they will call Jim’s Pest Control Newcastle. A price guide can be given over the phone, but a firm price will often require a site visit. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how little pest control will cost with Jim’s.

Free quote

The benefits of getting a free quote on site

Quotes should provide details of treatment

Warranties offered confirms our confidence in products

All of our technicians will prefer to visit your home or business to give an accurate quote. As they are locals themselves, it is easy for them as they will be working just around the corner.

The main reason they will want to look at the job is to confirm what pest you have. In several cases, clients reported having termite mudding on their walls.

However, when the technician attended the site, they found the problem was really mud wasps. A quick spray and knock down on the nest, and the problem was fixed.

If a quote was done over the phone for termites, it could have come to thousands of $$. But in the end, after a quick site visit, the cost ended up being only $120.

This was a great outcome for the client and demonstrates why Jim’s Pest Control Newcastle is trusted amongst locals.

When receiving a quote, it is critical to ask for the details on what they are proposing to do.

Most people think that all pest controllers get rid of pests in the same way. This is an incorrect assumption. All companies have different processes and products used can vary greatly.

It is important to make sure you are comparing like for like when considering pest control prices. Often, a cheaper quote will miss out several steps or use a cheaper, less effective product. While it may have some affect on your pests, it is likely to be less effective in eliminating them.

At Jim’s, we only deploy the best possible products. Our technicians spend a huge amount time training in how to use these products to their full potential.

Your local tech will even give you suggestions on what you can do to reduce the pest numbers.

Ever wondered why some companies do not offer warranties on their work?

It is usually because the products they are using are inferior. They know they will give them some results, but may not eliminate all the pests.

Our technicians, on the other hand, are willing to offer warranties on most jobs they do. It is because they are using the best possible products which they know will last.

It is why so many Newcastle residents feel comfortable in using Jim’s for all their pest control needs.