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Maitland is a beautiful part of the NSW countryside to live in; a genuinely great place to raise a family. And, not being too far way from Newcastle means there are some great beaches not too far away.

Living in a rural community has some distinct advantages. The Hunter River, running through the town, is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. But not only people like the river; pests like it as well because it provides a permanent water source.

In Maitland, we are surrounded by farms which contribute a great economic benefit to the community. Unfortunately though, the farmland creates a windfall for pests too.

Most homes and businesses in the area are afflicted with the same pests that rural properties do.

Jim’s Pest Control Maitland are the go-to experts

When it comes to treating pests, it is wise to use a pest company that has superior knowledge. This can often be hard for a smaller pest control business as they are not exposed to new industry developments in methods and products.

This is where Jim’s Pest Control Maitland is quite unique.

Our technicians are local small business owners, but are part of the larger Jim’s Pest Control business. What that means is that they are part of one of the largest pest control providers in Australia.

This also means they will have access to an extensive knowledge base. Our business owners across Australia happily share their knowledge and skills with each other.

They do this as they want to help other technicians deliver better results. In turn, they will also learn some new techniques, or where a product has worked in a situation that has not been thought of before.

Maitland residents call Jim’s Pest Control because of this strong knowledge base, experience, and reliability.

Pest Control Maitland

Common rural pests we see

Because we are a rural community, our environment helps pests. Rats and mice are common in the area and agriculture helps them to increase in numbers.

Often the overflowing pests from agriculture ends up in local homes and businesses. That is when Jim’s Pest Control is called in to deal with the invaders.

Flies and mosquitoes are in abundance in summer. In fact, it is a real struggle to sit outside during the day or at sunset without being bitten.

Jim’s Pest Control is one of the few companies which can treat inside for flies and mosquitoes. While they are hard to control outside, we have great success at controlling them inside.

Many clients line up to have their annual or 6-monthly general pest treatment done for this reason alone.

Waterways assist spiders

Waterways, ponds, and dams may be great to look at, but at the same time they help spider numbers grow. These waters support an abundant supply of insects for spiders to prey upon.

Spiders will spin webs on fences, bushes, windows, and around light fittings in or around a home or a business. They soon learn that the lights we leave on will attract insects, so it’s just awaiting game for most wiley spiders.

Spider Treatment