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When most people think of Newcastle, their immediate thoughts are the coal industry. However, our city should be best known for its white, pristine beaches.

Locals also love the relaxed lifestyle that Newcastle offers. There is nothing better than spending a day at the beach, or walking along the promenade.

It is almost a rite of passage to walk to Nobby’s Lighthouse and enjoy the stunning views. Visitors are drawn to this iconic land feature like a magnet.

However, all the extra visitors has led to many pests moving into the area. Discarded food is all that is needed for rats, cockroaches, and other pest to establish themselves.

You would be horrified if you knew what pests were lurking on the rock walls around Newcastle.

Pest Control Newcastle

Jim’s Pest Control Newcastle know where pests hide

Firsthand knowledge of where pests are likely to hide is vital to any pest control program. For example, our local technicians know that properties close to the water are likely to have rats and mice take up residence.

Pest like these often hide in roof voids and subfloors and go about their business undetected.

It is not until someone is woken in the middle of the night that these pests are noticed. By then, there are usually dozens of the critters running around.

Often, clients are truly horrified when they are shown the evidence of rodents in their roof.

Never fear though because our techs can quickly eliminate the problem, typically within four to five days the noise from the roof will stop after a treatment.

Waterways are a perfect environment for mosquito and fly armies

Whilst visitors may enjoy the waterways and lakes in the area, it does present a few problems for locals.

During the Summer there seems to be an endless supply of flies and mosquitoes. It can make entertaining outside simply an unbearable experience. We’ve heard many stories of Newcastle parties which have been abandoned due to numbers of pests being present.

Locals now call Jim’s Pest Control to get some preventative measures put in place. This involves putting in a chemical barrier where flies and mosquitoes rest. When they land on a treated surface they will be affected, and soon die.

Clients just love the fact that their home can remain relatively pest free during summer.

The bushland is full of termites

Whilst we may enjoy the bushlands that surround Newcastle, there are some destructive pests hiding there.

Termites are abundant in the area, and any fallen timber is quickly devoured.

New housing developments are often built on cleared land. When land is cleared, pests like termites and ants go to ground. As soon as new timber arrives, in the form of a house, they will do their best to get at this yummy food.

It is quite surprising how many new homes get attacked by these home wreckers in the first few years.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have an annual termite inspection. If you catch termites early, the damage they cause can be minimal. However, if they are caught late, the damage can be extensive – and costly!

It is VERY important to note that insurance policies do not cover termite damage.