For pest control Port Stephens, you cannot go past a Jim’s expert. Our techs servicing Port Stephens and the surrounding area are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

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Port Stephens is one of the best places in NSW to live. While many holiday makers love to visit, only a few very lucky people get to call this place home.

It is a little bit like a country town; everybody knows everyone and they all work together to make this a great community.

Local businesses like to support other locals too. It is especially important to ensure the local businesses thrive to keep the community alive.

Jim’s Pest Control Port Stephens is a local business as well. Our business owners live locally, shop locally, and their children go to schools in the area too.

Jim’s Pest Control Port Stephens: local knowledge

The best part about being a local is that you have firsthand knowledge on pests we see in our community. For example, a local knows when homes are likely to be invaded by flies and mosquitoes.

When heavy rains hit, our techs know that pests like rats and possums will seek shelter in roofs. This knowledge is invaluable when treating pests, and it puts Jim’s Pest Control Port Stephens at a distinct advantage.

Pest Control Port Stephens

Large knowledge base

Whilst visitors may enjoy the waterways and lakes in the area, it does present a few problems for locals.

During the Summer there seems to be an endless supply of flies and mosquitoes. It can make entertaining outside simply an unbearable experience. We’ve heard many stories of Newcastle parties which have been abandoned due to numbers of pests being present.

Locals now call Jim’s Pest Control to get some preventative measures put in place. This involves putting in a chemical barrier where flies and mosquitoes rest. When they land on a treated surface they will be affected, and soon die.

Clients just love the fact that their home can remain relatively pest free during summer.

Good old fashioned customer service

Jim’s is one of the most recognised brands in Australia. One of the reasons for his success is that Jim has built his businesses around good old fashioned customer service.

Remember when you used to enquire about a service and would receive a call back straight away? Or, when you booked a job in, they would arrive on time? Yes, the good old days when customer service was number one.

Is there is anything more frustrating than waiting home all day for a tradie to arrive?

At Jim’s we place high expectations on all of our local business owners. If they receive an enquiry, they must call them within 2 hours. If not, it will be an instant complaint against them internally. If they get 2 or more complaints in 6 months, then they must attend retraining.

If they book a time and date in for a service or quote, they must arrive at that time. If they are running late, they must always call the client to let them know.

All of Jim’s business owners commit to this level of customer service. So much so, that often they will call within 5 minutes of first receiving the lead.