Jim’s is your local pest control Wallsend expert. Our techs servicing Wallsend and the surrounding suburbs are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

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Wallsend is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. We are surrounded by parks and reserves, and there is nothing more enjoyable than having a picnic in these areas.

When exploring the parks, you are likely to stumble across several Australian animals. Birds and other wildlife are in abundance, often using the hollows in trees for nesting.

However, these hollows are in high demand as they are competing with pests. Feral pigeons, rats, and possums will set up home in hollows, often kicking the native species out as a result.

European bees are known to use hollows as well. People who are allergic to bees should use caution when playing or walking near trees which house these important little insects.

If you would like to know how many pests live in parks, just ask your local Jim’s Pest Control technician to point them out to you.

Pest Control Wallsend

Jim’s Pest Control Wallsend experienced technicians

Jim’s have been providing pest control services to Wallsend since 2011. Many of our technicians have been in the industry a lot longer.

These experienced technicians joined Jim’s as they wanted to benefit from their hard work. Often, when they worked for other companies, their clients would be shared amongst other techs.

Most clients, however, prefer to have the same technician dealing with their pest problems. They feel comfortable around the same tech, and that is something which is hard to do in a large company.

The great advantage in using Jim’s is that you will have the same technician every time. It places our techs at a distinct advantage to other competitors as they fully understand your site. They will have the back history of what pests where there.

It is the reason why so many Wallsend locals now call Jim’s Pest Control for all their pest needs.

Renowned for delivering exceptional results

Our techs are all committed to delivering the results you desire every time. There are not happy unless their clients are happy.

To ensure we deliver exceptional results, our techs are not limited with the products they can use. Often though, some of the best products are more expensive. A product which is cheap might look the same, but there is a reason why it costs less.

We’ve found that, more often than not, it will not work as well or last as long. If these products are used it results in the pest returning quickly, or worse, not even being eliminated in the first place.

By using the best possible products, regardless of cost, means we constantly deliver outstanding results.

It is why when it comes to pest eradication, Jim’s is the trusted local expert.