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There are few things more annoying than spotting some fleas bouncing around your home or back yard. Their eggs can often stay dormant for up to 9 months.

As soon as a human or an animal enters the area, they will sense the vibrations and hatch instantly.

It is not uncommon for a vacant house to be infested with these pests. Jim’s Pest Control often get phone calls from Newcastle residents who have just moved in and discovered fleas.

Why Do You Need Flea Control?

Fleas are a type of wingless parasite that feeds off the blood of humans and animals such as domestic dogs and cats.

You can tell a flea bit as it it will be red, swollen and intensely itchy. Secondary infections caused by scratching are very common.

Flea bite treatment options include anaesthetic creams and ice packs to reduce the swelling.

However, persistent flea infestations may need to be treated by a licensed pest control operator.

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