Termite treatment prices will depend on what species of termites you have and where they are located. Jim’s Pest Control Newcastle will have a solution for any termite problem. We even understand that sometimes budgets are tight and can offer some suitable options.

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Termites are the one pest that every homeowner fears. Just the mention of the name “termite” or white ant” in a conversation is enough to grab everyone’s attention. We all know of friends and family who have had these timber-devouring specialists in their home. But if you don’t, the internet is littered with news articles about how destructive these pests are. When considering termite treatment prices, you need to fully understand the treatment process. Pay particular attention to any limitations.

Termite treatment prices will depend on what needs to be done

Treatment costs will always depend on what termites you have and how bad the infestation is.

For example, if you have Heterotermes in your home, the cost can be as little as $500. The reason for this is that their colonies are exceedingly small. Total numbers will only be in the hundreds.

A dust can be applied to them and within a couple of weeks the colony will be eliminated.

However, if you have Coptotermes, the cost is likely to be a lot higher as there is a lot more work involved.

Termite Treatment Price

Colony elimination cost

Colony elimination can be done four different ways.

The first and second way is dusting or foaming of a colony. This involves putting several holes into the termite workings and applying a dust or foam. A few weeks later the activity level is checked to ensure it has subsided. The cost of this type of treatment can start from $500.

The third most effective way is to bait the termites out. For this, termites are provided with a rich food source which they readily eat. This food has a growth regulator in it which slows, and then stops their growth. Because they are unable to grow and moult, they will soon die from this treatment.

Typically, this type of service can cost a lot more as it will require several weekly visits. It is, however, the best way to eliminate the colony because the bait is tracked back to the nest. The cost of starts from $900. While this may sound expensive, it is the only way to guarantee the colony will be eliminated.

The fourth way is to inject the termite nest with a liquid chemical.

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Preventative measure costs

Once the termites have been eliminated, you will need to put in place a termite preventative measure. There are two ways this can be done.

The first option is a chemical barrier which can be installed around and under the building. This involves treating the soil where the termites travel.

Our second option is to install a termite monitoring system. This involves installing stations every 3 meters around the outside of the building. It is a better option as it does not involved chemicals. Depending on the product used, warranties can be offered up to $250,000 against future attacks (conditions apply).

The cost of preventative measures starts from $3,000. Price will always depend on size of structure being protected and the type of measure deployed.

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